Cross #14.5059

Port Richey, FL

I received this cross at Girls Night Out Event at Ruth Eckerd Hall…My testimony begins at a very early age my Grandfather was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  I didn’t know what the meaning of those words truly were, however when my Grandfather went into a coma I decided to pray something different than the words I had memorized for my prayer before bed.  I had asked God if He was real to allow my Grandfather to come out of the coma to play with me and my sister just one more time.  The next morning my Grandfather did indeed wake up out of the coma and we had an amazingly fun day.  That night Grandpa went to sleep peacefully back into the coma and within days he died and went to live with the Lord.  That answer to prayer formed a foundation of faith for me in a God who can do all things, miracles can happen before our eyes if we only watch to see them.  My own life as a child was spared in two seperate accidental incidents in which I was unconscious for long periods of time in which others prayed and I recovered.  God has been a prevalent source of healing, hope, promise and love for my entire life and why I chose my career areas of teaching and helping heal the broken hearted.  Lastly, the mustard seed on the cross is a very large reminder of something I held as important my entire life which my Grandmother taught me showing me the pendant she always wore…if you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible…thank you for your ministry and the gift of the cross which I will gift forward as God directs :)