Cross 14.5247

Tampa, FL
Elizabeth came into my life through Faces of Courage Foundation where she and her crew bring crosses and hearts to be painted by our campers which have cancer or other blood diseases. We have the honor of their continued support for 3 camps a year, this year 5 camps. Through her and her inspiring story our campers know the importance of paying it forward regardless of your situation. Now I have to admit this is my first cross I’ve registered because normally I just gift it immediately. So I guess we could say this is a very special heart going to a beautiful young woman who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer only to find that in a few weeks it staged at 4 and had progressed into her spine.
This young mother continues to battle like a true warrior and with love and prayers she will get through this.
This heart was held I’m sure by hands of love and faith. I truly believe it will bring her comfort knowing the love behind this gift. Thank you Elizabeth for the amazing gift of yourself that you give to others daily.