Cross #14.5587

Ashley and Jeremy

Palm Harbor, FL

I wanted to share what this cross means to me before we pass it on to some one else that is going through a transition as well. This particular cross is blue, says NEW LIFE, and has hard and rigid edges all around it. I picked it out at the studio nearly a year ago when my husband and I got baptized together at our church home. This cross is symbolic just like our baptism. Before my husband and I made the decision to follow Christ, our lives were very rough and rigid on the outside and on the inside lost, broken, and unguided. We made it seem like everything was fine to those around us and to each other. Both of us have had very different pasts with many different addictions, hurts and hang ups. We both drank a lot, and that is how we dealt with our past and present problems. Eventually all paths that are not Gods lead to destruction, and that’s what happened, things got so bad and we almost got divorced. It was finding Christ that has lead us down a road of recovery, forgiveness, and healing. Now, our edges still may be rough and ridged on the outside, but that’s okay because everyones IS! Our hearts have been transformed from the inside and God is working on those rough outside edges everyday. The power of Christ coming into your life is the only thing that can free you of whatever addiction, hurt, or hang up you are going through. Our baptism was our outward expression of our decision to follow Christ and to let him guide us on our journey together. This Cross represents our story and is a constant reminder of Gods love and promises toward all of us and no matter what we say or do that he is always there waiting for you to call out to him!