Cross #14.5706

Palm Harbor, FL

A good friend and fellow pancreatic cancer survivor, Suzanne, gifted this cross to me. It is special because there is only a 6%, 5-year survival rate for this cancer and both of us have surpassed the 5 year mark. The journey has been a true physical, mental and spiritual challenge. I feel I have been blessed thru my faith and the faith of my family, friends and church family. This past 5 years had taught me to appreciate each new day- it truly is a gift. I have learned to accept the will of the Lord, whatever that may hold for me. The color representing our cancer, pancreatic cancer, is purple. I also have a “purple family” which is a huge support. I volunteer for the pancreatic cancer action network to help provide Hope to others affected by this disease. I still have a journey as I now am also fighting metastatic prostate cancer – it has spread to the bones. At this point it is not curable, but is treatable and I plan on many more years on planet earth