Cross 14.5712

Largo, FL

My husband has been incarcerated for almost two years, due to an employer who made him the “fall guy”. Being a christian family, we knew this was a part of God’s purpose for us to go through and relied heavily on our faith. The Florida Department of Corrections is as corrupt as they come; we endured disappointment after disappointment. Week after week, we prayed for him to be moved out of the prison to a work release program, as the “DOC” promised. Other men were being moved, yet my husband was left behind. I was able to speak to him daily and we read scripture together, lifting each other up from each disappointment. Yesterday, on 02/10/2015, my supervisor (and good friend) brought me the cross. She told me the story behind the project and said that the cross was blessed by the priest at her church. I felt an amazing sense of peace; we hugged & cried together. I thought to myself, “My family is so blessed.” Today, the very next day, I received notification that my husband was finally moved! All I could say was praise Jesus, our Lord and Savior has blessed us again!!! More tears and hugs once I got to work.

I already have plans to pass my cross on to a dear friend and fellow believer who I know needs an answered prayer. I would love to keep my cross, because it is so special and beautiful but I know God wants me to help another believer. I want to thank the Answered Prayer Project for your vision, mission and love.

God bless you.