Cross #14.5741

Kathy Huffman

New Port Richy, FL

My pastor’s wife, Marybeth Smith had been touched by Elizabeth’s story and heard she would be at a neighboring church. She invited anyone interested to come with her to see Elizabeth. I felt strongly moved to go with her. We did not realize we would be doing the cross project until several days later. When I saw what it was, I thought about how my husband’s brief end of life journey had begun one year before in mid March of 2014. It would be wonderful to find a cross to put under his brick in our memorial garden at our church, a gift I could give to my husband.

I could not find an appropriate cross for one who had passed, but I did find a butterfly. It had cancer remembrance ribbons in the corners of the wings and an ichthus symbol in the center with a heart in it. This was perfect.

Today a member who is part of the memorial garden ministry met me at the garden and we put the butterfly under Bill’s engraved brick in the garden and we also put the ashes we had from Bill’s parents under their engraved brick.

It was wonderful to give a “present” to my husband and to wish him well in his new life with Jesus.

Thank you, Elizabeth answering the call to this meaningful ministry.