Cross #14.6052

Oldsmar, FL

I picked up this Cross at our church’s Alternative Christmas Market. The ladies were sharing this wonderful ministry with our members, and it was an opportunity for us to make a purchase that reflected the truer meaning of Christmas. I was so touched by this ministry and what it meant. I stood there at this table of crosses and began to weep, knowing how they were made, and realizing how they are meant to be shared!

I selected this particular cross for a dear friend. She has been struggling these past few months, wanting to be a strong friend for someone in need, while also trying to be a voice of reason in that woman’s life as well. Judie wants to tell her friend what to do, but also knows that her friend is the one who needs to decide for herself and make her own path. It hurts Judie to see her friend is denial, but she is trying to hold her close and be there when she is needed.

She recently shared a Zen poem with me….”Let go or be dragged”. I think this cross will help her reflect more deeply on all that this verse truly means. Perhaps she will be sharing it with her friend as well. I am happy to pass it on.