Cross #14.6339

St. Petersburg, FL

I have been going through trying to heal from 14 years of Sexual Abuse. At the age of 2.5 years old to age 14, i was sexually assaulted by an older man who was a “friend of the family”, i was asked to “milk the cow”, as I was conditioned at this very young age to “please others”. When I was 15, an older male cousin had a condom in his wallet and it was determined by he and a few of my other cousins that i would “be the one.” I said “NO”, but it didn’t really matter… “I was the one!” When I was 19, I had an intruder break into my family’s home and attempt to rape me, my parents and several siblings were home and sleeping in a nearby bedrooms when i awoke to this man on top of me! I screamed and must have scared him away,as he went running down the stairs and out the front door! I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I was!! I ran into my parents room and they called 911 immediately! When the police came they asked me a zillion embarrassing questions, i watched as they tried to get fingerprints off the various doors and bannister. I come from a large family so there were soo many prints that were just family members, as it turned out they couldn’t find any they could use. They had police searching the whole area, to no avail though. The one thing that still haunts me today (37 years later) was the comment that one of the officers told my parents and i that night… he said that whoever did this has been in your home before, the perp knows your house, where your bedroom is and felt comfortable enough to get in and out of the house quickly! I have spent the last 37 years looking into almost all men’s eyes wondering if it could be HIM!!!
I am now 55 years old and have finally realized that these incidents have affected my life profoundly and it is time that i get some help and counseling for them! I am shocked to see how i am a little girl in so many, many ways! God is healing me and it has been a lot of work and pain, yet I see His hand at work, comforting me and giving me His peace!

So how did i get my cross??

My sister in law had a birthday in early Dec., I wanted to get her something VERY special as she has been going through hell here on earth, especially this last year. Her husband had left her after 40 years of marriage and he has been cruel and bullying her all while dragging out this bitter divorce! Meanwhile, her Mother’s health had been seriously declining and she died. I went to her Mother’s funeral and ran into Elizabeth, I wanted to Thank her profusely for a very kind and generous thing she had done for me! I thanked her then asked her how i could go about getting a very special cross for my sister in law. We started talking and i shared with some of the things that i was going through in my counseling. Elizabeth assured me that she would pick out a very special cross, I paid her and we were both off and running in our different directions. In the mail a few days later a small box arrived at my home, i opened it to find 2 very special crosses! One for me, and one for my sister in law, and Elizabeth had asked me to pick out which one was going to my sister in law and which one i was going to keep… Elizabeth, first off THANK YOU, as i said before, you are sooo kind & generous, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I chose the “BELIEVE” cross for my sister in law and the “GOD’S GOT THIS” for me!! It was difficult to choose as the both are BEAUTIFUL and both have awesome meanings, but i think i chose correctly (& so did You!!). Mine is serving as powerful reminder that “GOD’S GOT THIS” and He has ME, a child that HE LOVES and wants to make WHOLE!!

Thank you and God Bless YOU and your BEAUTIFUL ministries, Elizabeth!! ;)