Cross #14.6408

Pinellas Park, FL

I rec’d my cross from a dear friend shortly after surviving breast cancer sometime in 2013. My faith in God was strong at the time as I truly believed that God had answered my families prayers for my healing. As I looked at the imperfect cross I couldn’t help but think and pray for the one who sculptured the cross. I loved the way it has a deep impression on the left side; it resembled to me how imperfect we are as humans.  The cross was hung two years ago and I barely looked at it again.  Fast forward to today 10/3/16 almost three years later.  My faith has been broken and challenged as I lost my son earlier this year after a long critical illness with renal failure and an incurable leg infection. I prayed for my son’s healing everyday, and I always kept my faith that he would be healed on this earth. He passed away on March 24, 2016. I have been angry with God, and have questioned my faith over the past six months. I found the cross in my home yesterday and for the first time really read the verse on the front about “walking by faith”. This is so hard for me right now; however, I’ve believed for many years that God has the big plan for our lives and the lives of our family. When this tragedy hit our family, my faith crumbled and I question my belief. I know that there is a God, and I know that He loves me; that is my mustard seed of faith, that is all I have right now! The cross reminded me of that truth.  I am passing along my cross to a dear woman who is fighting a critical illness herself.  I have just met her, and admire the strength she portrayed in my short conversations with her. My hope is that no matter what the pain, and no matter what this fallen world steals from us, that our souls are all united one day in heaven with our Lord and with those that we have loved and lost. As I pass my cross on, I hope that it gives the receiver a reminder of our mustard seed of faith. That is all I have to give.