Cross #14.6667


Saint Petersburg, FL

Our family loves the Lord. We believe in praying BIG. We believe in Jesus Christ our Savior. My sweet sister, Sandi, bought me this lovely cross. She is always looking out for me and I am so blessed to have her in my life. We have prayed for many things and the Lord has always answered. This particular event that I am writing has been and always will be a prayer for my other sister, Cyndee. She lost her 24 year old daughter in a tragic murder/suicide. She and her husband have shown mercy and love to the family of the troubled young man that took our Summer Girl away from us. They have suffered sadness and despair. My sister thought for awhile that she would never find joy again – even though on the outside she smiled. Just recently she was able to put her feelings into a simple statement – “I have forgiven life”. Through continued prayer and her strong faith she has overcome the suffering and found JOY again. She attends a small but faithful neighborhood church where she is involved with Sunday School and church dinners. She reaches out to other parents when they find themselves in that horrible grasp of tragic loss. She knows the Sun is rising again every day and is rejoicing.
I am passing my cross to another family friend who is reaching out to the Lord to heal her broken heart. Her beautiful niece just passed away recently from Cancer. She needs our prayers and encouragement, so she too can reach out to her sister with prayer. The Lord hears our prayers…