Cross #14.6726

St. Petersburg, FL

God gives good gifts and times of refreshment. So as I celebrated my 50th birthday Tuesday with my hubby I shared with him that this Wednesday is Answered Prayer Cross night for men and women and asked if he’d like to go. Much to my delight he said he thought he would. The warm welcome we received upon arrival was just like soothing balm from the Lord. Tammie was so welcoming and put my husbands hesitation about being the only man right to rest. As we ate Elzabeth joined us and shared about her journey. I just knew the Lord was speaking to us. It’s been a rough few months as my husband rest and heals from injuries sustained from an on the job auto accident. He is very creative and I just knew once he rested in the Lord the creativity would start flowing. About two crosses in I looked up to just see how relaxed his face was. My heart was over joyed. He is healing from a post traumatic concussion and post traumatic headache syndrome. Both of which have put this on the go “Martha” personality man on slow speed. The very first cross he made said “journey” and that is what we are on. It was perfect that the crowd was lighter and the music was on. And the stories being shared just continued to reveal God’s abundant love, compassion, mercy and grace. As I reflected on God’s love I mostly stamped with daises and sunflowers being reminded with each one He loves me, He loves me, He loves me. And we got to make a heart with “Always & Forever” stamp which is the name of our song from our wedding almost 27 years ago!