Cross #14.6791

Summerfield, FL

Our church held its annual Ladies’ Retreat recently and our speaker was Elizabeth with Answered Prayers Project. When we walked into the room we were not sure what we were going to be doing based on what was on our tables. Elizabeth then proceeded to give her testimony and explain the project. She had us each paint some of the crosses using our own ideas and we were then able to select one completed cross or heart for ourselves. I selected my heart because it immediately spoke to me. I recently lost my husband to cancer and my days have been extremely difficult without him. His favorite song, which we had sung at his memorial service, was The Anchor Holds by Ray Boltz. When I saw the beautiful heart with the anchor on it, I knew that it was the one that I was supposed to choose. It now has a very prominent place in my living room next to a collage of pictures created by my children and grandchildren of some photos of our family around the words for The Anchor Holds. It was meant to be and I thank Answered Prayers Project for this beautiful gift.