Cross #14.685

Bradenton, FL

I received this cross April 19,2014 after my mother home going service. My sister-in- law Carole-Ware Mckenzie  gave it to me. This is the first time that  I have  heard about the cross. and the cross she gave me is purple my favorite color. I hung the cross on  the wall in my bed room where I could look at the words on the cross I’m free.

On 9/1/2014 the Lord place upon my heart heavy that it is time to pass the cross on. I will always remember this cross I’m free. Jesus came to set me free and when I used to get depressed or down in my spirit I would look at the cross and say I am free. I have a incurable brain disorder call Chiari Malformation and I am still free Chiari is part of my life but it is not my life.