Cross #14.916

Phoenix, Az.

I have quite the testimony. I have by the grace of God survived drug addiction, Kidney Failure, dialysis, open heart surgery, a rejection of my kidney that I have had for 8 yrs. And so many more things the lord has seen me through.  I have gone back to college at 42 yrs old and got my associates degree, it took me 6 yrs but I did it with the strength from the Lord. I am in a recovery fellowship where I get to mentor others on the 12 steps so they can get and stay clean from drugs and alcohol. When I survived kidney failure I got a new zest for life from the lord, all my life I kept wondering what was my purpose in life, well he put me right where I needed to be. I share my testimony with anyone who will listen. And then He saw fit for me to get this cross and share my testimony here. I know God is the one who makes all things possible. You could never convince me otherwise. There have been so many miracles in my life that I couldn’t share them all here but this is just a sampling of what he has done for me, I am grateful to get to share it with all of you