Cross #14.93

Rosedale, IN

When I was going through a very difficult time in my life…a divorce, lost of direction and the thought of raising my daughter alone I open the Bible one day at random and my eyes fell upon the verse that Jesus said that If one had the faith of a muster seed that one could move mountains. It began my search for God in my life…though it took me many trials and years later, I did find peace and my faith again. God some times allow things to happen to us to make us stronger and more diligent in our quest. I found a wonder man to share my life and my faith with. I had a son with him and have become active in our church. We’ve been married 26 years and though we have had our up and downs we both make an effort to nurture our faith and get more out of it than we put in. We have hope and faith that God is directing our life…that he is in charge and that we need to trust in Him….Let Go, Let God.  Also we learned that the power of prayer is amazing. I pray now that all who feel lost and afraid, who feel like there is no hope that they receive the gift of faith and let God enter their life.