Cross #15.095

Warszawa, Poland
I grew up in a Catholic family. I remember my first religious lesson. The Nun gave us two pieces of paper on which were drawn a crown without thorns and a crown with thorns and she said if you do something good on one of the crowns draw a flower and if you do something bad on the second draw a thorn. After a week I had a lot of thorns and little flowers on my crowns. My God was a judge who rewards the good and punishes the bad. I thought I’d never settle because I’m only human and I make mistakes. When I was 17 my older sister invited me to a Christian camp student. There we heard that Jesus Christ died for all my sins and my mistakes before God and I am clean thanks to him before God. In the prayer of the evening I invited Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I believed that it was not me I have to be perfect but Jesus in my life.