Cross # 15.2240

Corydon, IN

My cross was given to me by a co-worker and very close friend. We became kindred spirits through not only our work but through motherhood. At one time or another, we both struggled with relationships, work paths, motherhood and in general, how to make it all work smiling through the pain somedays. It hasn’t been an easy road especially the past 5 years. Being single mothers has strengthened our bond and friendship. Those times when I’ve felt alone, my friend has been there to lift me up, be a sounding board for me to vent frustrations, and celebrate the successes. I managed to complete my Bachelor’s of Science in nursing a couple of years ago as a single mother and I feel so proud for having done it.

About a year and a half ago, I made the decision to move closer to my family and bought my first house. I didn’t have a job close to my house that was convenient for me to take care of my daughter, so I decided to commute to work almost 2 hrs away every weekend and leave my daughter behind with family. For over a year, I’ve been commuting and though exhausting….I have survived. A few weeks ago, I announced that I had an employment opportunity closer to home and would be leaving. This was a difficult decision because I’ve been in the same job for almost 10 yrs. My coworkers are more like family. My friend presented this cross to me as a going away gift….a gift of hope for me….of well wishes that support my main priority….a priority we share…being a mother above everything and an understanding that through the clouds…through dark times…the Lord is by my side…guiding me along the way toward something great…and answering my prayers. I will cherish it always and it is in a place I can see it all the time. I believe I am blessed beyond measure. I remind myself of that daily.