Cross # 15.232

Tarpon Springs, FL
July 2014 my husband had cervical surgery which was a success. In Nov he needed lumbar surgery due to no feeling in his leg that had gotten so bad he was falling and unable to continue work as a carpenter. The surgery failed and he required a second surgery that would “fix the problem and have him back to work in 3 months” were the Neurosurgeons words I will never forget until 3 months later he called it “failed back syndrome” and could no longer help us. So my husband is left disabled and in constant pain waiting for disability to be approved. He was self employed and I am now our only source of income. We were very active people before this life changing experience – enjoying life to the fullest as time and money allowed. How soon you learn who your true friends and family members are! That was a harsh awakening we did not expect.

Christmas 2015 I was given a “heart” by my oldest sons girlfriend who told me the story behind the gift. She said “I thought you could appreciate this” and proceeded to tell me to go to the web site and perhaps telling my story would help me in dealing with this struggle. So here I am with tears in my eyes finally putting into words the difficulty we are surviving somehow. At this same time I am grieving my mother’s Alzheimer’s illness which is progressing. She lives in Michigan and I am not able at this time to go there to visit her and help my sister who is dealing with all the difficulties and sadness that comes along with this disease of a loved one. I simple cannot afford to travel there due to our financial struggles. We have almost everything we own for sale and so far we are able to get by. But with our Faith in God and His wonderful mercy we are surviving and together. This is only a temporary situation as we all know things continually change and we are faithful they will change for the better for us. So I will continue to listen to others stories and pass this heart along the way. I’m sure it will be easy to find a worthy recipient cause I work with the dying every day as a Hospice nurse.