Cross #15.2380

Tampa, FL
I received this cross through a youth leader who I admire very much and inspires me to grow in my faith. Every time I see my cross it serves as a daily reminder to learn more about Jesus and share that with friends, family, and the middle school girls I lead.
I’m leaving for college this August and wanted to pass on my cross to my grandmother, who I am very close with. My grandmother is the strongest and most inspirational woman I know. She discovered that she had lung cancer and needed to go through an intense surgery to try and remove the cancerous part of her lung.  Being 83, my family and I were very worried and prayed constantly through this time. Five days after successfully removing the cancerous part of her lung she went home, without painkillers, only seldom complaining about her side/rib hurting a little bit. After such a major surgery she shocked the doctors and nurses by doing this. I thank God every day for watching over her and the doctors who performed that surgery and continuing to supply her comfort and rest when she returned home. Through this whole process she remained her bright and cheerful self with praising the Lord every step as well. She is such an inspiration to me with her joyful spirit and strong faith. I am extremely blessed to have her in my life.