Cross # 15.2689

St Petersburg, FL

Mika is my 6 year old granddaughter. She was born in Puerto Rico. Since the age of 2, her natural father had not been part of her life. When she was 3, my daughter married a Navy petty officer and moved to San Diego, CA. There Mika saw domestic violence first-hand as my daughter’s husband turned out to be an alcoholic and abusive when he was drunk. My daughter decided to join the Navy, as an escape, I’m sure. Although her husband said that he loved Mika over and over again, he neglected to enroll her in school and even take care of her physically. My daughter and I agreed that the best thing was for Mika to come live with me. When I got her in January 2015 (she was turning 6 in March), her waist length curly hair was matted so badly that it looked like a nest stuck to the back of her head. We had to cut it off, it was so bad! It was heartbreaking!

I enrolled her in school but she was very far behind the other children. I also began to take her to church. We recently moved to Florida and went to the clay studio where Mika picked out her heart. I asked her why she picked it. Her answer: “I like the flower and Jesus made us, and made the flowers.” She went on to say “Jesus is the word of God”. Before January 2015, Mika had not attended a church. So to hear her talk about GOD is a great blessing to me!