Cross # 15.2844

St. Petersburg FL
Received this cross at the Answered Prayers Project today, June 17, 2015. My husband of 35 years, Rich, passed away after a very short illness. A strong man, strong in mind, body and spirit, was diagnosed with lung cancer August 20, 2014. He fought a tough battle. Saturday, Nov 22, 2014 he went to hospice. Thanksgiving morning at 8:05 am, November 27th, Rich passed away. We have been practicing christians. All through our married life, we have lived each day to the fullest, thankful for what we have, blessed with 2 sons. We had a very close relationship. When it was evident that he may loose this battle, I asked him how will I know you are here – he said, very slowly and softly, I will place my hand on your left shoulder. I have felt his presence, and warmth many times. I miss him greatly, and know he is with God. This cross was meant for me – it has Peace in the center, with two butterflies – I am honored to be its owner.

Peace is in the Center, with 2 butterflies – We have always been a Christian Family – and this brings me comfort to hold this in my hand. Several friends and I attended tonight. My husband of 35 years, Rich, passed away Nov 27, 2014, after being diagnosed with Lung Cancer, on August 20th. Such a strong man in mind, body and spirit. We had wonderful talks about life, our purpose on this earth – we lived each day to the fullest.