Cross #15.3334

Tampa, FL
I received this cross in a gift bag for my newborn daughter. I just went through a bad divorce with my husband. We were separated five years. He came back around and told me he wanted his family back so I foolishly believed him. After two months and finding out I was pregnant with our first daughter (we had 10 & 15 year old sons already), he completely stopped communicating with me and got even nastier toward me. I didn’t hear from him until two months after our daughter was born to ask for a DNA test. After confirming what he already knew, he still hasn’t been a father to his daughter and blames me that he has a child he “didn’t want”. Even though this has been a rough process to go through, it has made me stronger and reminded me what it truly means to just keep faith in the Lord because he’s always there for us. I smiled when I saw this cross in my bag because I was thinking about things too much that day, and it was another reminder to keep my faith and everything will continue to work out. I hung out on my wall directly in front of my daughter’s bed because she is truly a blessing and I’m so thankful God chose me to take care of his little angel.