Cross #15.3689

Owosso, MI

My beautiful Mom gave me a cross of “strength” yesterday. She traveled 4 hours from northern Michigan to help me with a garage sale as I can not lift heavy items. I experienced a life changing injury last October of 2014 when I had fractured vertebrae in my neck. The event caused me to hospitalized for several weeks. My Mom again traveled from northern Michigan to be at my side every day as I endured the misery of being in a neck brace and poked with needles relentlessly as I waited day after day for surgery. I asked God, why and how did this happen? How could I not be in a wheelchair or even have died? My many Doctors could not even explain to me the “why” or “how” I could still stand up and walk. After weeks of waiting, I finally had surgery to remove the crushed vertebrae and replace them with cadaver bones and a plate. There is no guarantee from my Surgeon that my surgical procedure would be successful. As a matter of fact, he told me that I might die. I was more frightened than I had ever been in my life. At the hands of my Doctors, and prayers from Mom, Family, Friends, Caregivers and mostly of God; my surgery was a complete success. It was Mother’s strength and encouragement, by my side every day, with faith and trust in God, that gave me the strength to realize that there was a reason and purpose for me being alive and well. My Mother is the strongest person I know. I am going to pass my cross back to her so she can share her inner “strength” with another person in need.