Cross # 15.3690

Apollo Beach, FL
You just know when a cross speaks to you and while making crosses this summer I knew this was going to be a special one for me to pass on to some special friends. Last winter a very special young lady, Bailey from Ohio lost her life on February 14, 2015 in a snowstorm. Any loss is tragic and especially so here as Bailey was beginning to make her mark as a teen with the promise of great things to follow. Bailey was a cheerleader at school and found time to also coach younger girls in gymnastics. Her bright blue eyes lit up a room. She loved life and people. And her favorite color was purple. That’s when this purple cross called out to me with angel Bailey looking over all those she loved. I’ve had the pleasure to know Bailey’s grandparents Pam and Dan Frank. I know the pain they endured with their loss and the questions of a life lost too soon. Pam heard me talk about APP and the times I’ve made crosses. I know as the first anniversary approaches from this life changing event there is no better time to start this angel cross on its path to Bailey’s grandparents Pam and Dan. I know they will cherish all that it means and when it’s time they’ll know to pass it on in another time of need. While I didn’t know Bailey, I do know Pam and Dan and many prayers are going to them with this cross.