Cross #15.3901

Linda D. Joy
Pinellas Park, FL

I received this cross at a wedding of 2 of my sons friends who I watched them all grow up together & was not surprised at all at God’s plan for Heather & Charlie to marry. My own story is I grew up going to church at times by myself later with family growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. I would hear Jesus loves me, but either these different Pastors didn’t teach the gospel or God just hadn’t opened my heart or eyes to it yet. I lived a terrible life for a while should have died or worse several times. This is why I am so very thankful to our Lord he allowed me to live long enough to return back to church & opened my heart & eyes to His real love & to the real & true message of Jesus & to be able to confess my sin & except the awesome forgiveness of Jesus & His love for me. I am so very thankful to Father God for this forgiveness & free gift & for allowing me to live long enough to hear know it & accept it! There had been several times I could have died without knowing this without this forgiveness & I would now be eternally in Hell that is such a very frightening thought! I Praise & Thank our Lord, Jesus, & for the Holy spirit for their forgiveness & their awesome love. I am very far from perfect but I do love, believe, trust & want to live my life for Them & to try to do my best to thank Them even though this is Their free gift for me & I do not have to earn it.