Cross # 15.3913

Nashua, NH
I received my heart/cross from my Sorority Sister Betty who received it from her niece as a Christmas gift. She felt that I needed it more than she does because my Husband has been very ill with cancer, pneumonia and also has Alzheimer’s . He has been in rehab for five weeks now. Physically he getting stronger, but mentally has declined. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride, up and down for all. He has many prayers being offered up for his recovery and we have Faith in God that he will at least be able to come home. My heart/cross is very beautiful and hangs below my angel figure that my Daughter in made for me. Anyway this heart cross has already answered my prayers in another situation. Thank you. May my best friend Bernice finally rest in peace and may her husband and family find peace also. Thank you Betty B. Love you