Cross #15.4061

New Port Richey, FL

I received my cross from a dear friend.
March 1, my dad died, then on April 8th my husband suddenly died. My friend brought me the cross after I had broken both bones in my lower left leg on July 4th. She had purchased the cross for me before I broke my leg. While I was laid up with a cast from my toes to my hip, she came over and took care of my cats, cleaned the dishes, brought me beautiful mums and gave me the cross.

My mom and I have since gone thru birthdays and anniversaries without my dad and my husband. My birthday which is also our anniversary. My mom and dad’s 75th birthdays and their 55th Anniversary with dad in heaven. We have more firsts to get through such as my husband’s birthday and the holidays without them.

I am sending this cross to my mom for the strength and support she has already given while we both are grieving. And to give her more strength and support as we both try to figure our lives out.