Cross # 15.4172

Shirley and Wade
Pottstown, PA
We received it from my Sister-in-Law, Marlene. Shirley has been my Wife for just shy of 50 years. Needless to say, we became very close over that time!nIn May of this year, we were involved in a minor car accident, really it could not even be classified as a fender bender, but Shirley suffered a cardiac arrest. The revival process was successful in saving her life, but she suffered an anoxic (lack of oxygen) brain injury in the process. She was in the Cardiac ICU until June 5 and comatose until Mid-September.

I was devastated and believed the Almighty left both of us down. How could such a thing happen to a nearly perfect woman? If Shirley had any faults, she kept them well hidden from me. I, on the other hand, had more than enough to cover the two of us and then some. I spent several days pleading her case to Him.

I guess he tired of hearing from me, for one day He whispered in my ear. That’s right, He whispered. I almost ignored the voice, but it was such a compelling whisper. He said, son let it go. I have this. Go comfort your family, show them faith and what a man does when times get hard. You are the Patriarch of a great clan; lead it!

Since I left her in his hand, there has been slow improvement. Since I was told that keeping her on life-support and hoping for any type of recovery was a foolish and very cruel gesture on my part, I feel especially pleased with each and every improvement; no matter how small it may be.

Marlene knows how hard this has been on all pf us, but she cannot possibly know how much the Cross meant!