Cross #15.4172

Tampa, FL

I received my cross as a gift from Elizabeth. She met me and 2 of my co-workers for coffee this morning. We had such a delightful time sharing about our respective ministries and getting to know one another. Elizabeth brought a basket of crosses for us to chose from. She told us there is most always one that will “speak” to you. I was drawn to a plain brown “beat up” looking cross. It was most like the cross of Jesus’ suffering. After our time together as I was driving to work, it struck me who should receive my cross. Marlene, a very sweet co-worker and friend has been enduring a year long season of one issue after another with her health and her family’s health. She is a woman of great faith and has been the strong one holding everyone together. I know she is growing weary. I am praying this cross will encourage her to “cling to the old rugged cross”. I have no doubt she will exchange it one day for a crown!