Cross #15.432

New Port Richey, FL

This was my first time experience with APP. My mom is and always has been a woman of faith. Her strength and grace have been a guiding light for me as her daughter. You see, I was born with Spina Bifida and my mom was advised to give me up seeing all the challenges that lay ahead of her as a new mother with a disabled child. She did not give up on me, not once. I have never known truer love like the love my mom shares with me except for the love she has for her precious dog Bella. Bella’s unconditional love is like that of my mom, and so it was fitting that the very cross I saw that had tiny paw prints was meant for her. Bella is healing from her first surgery and like me, she is having a rough recovery, but mom in truest form, is never giving up on her Bella. My mom is the epitome of what love means. Jesus created all of us for a purpose and we all are of value. My mom inspires me to know this truth every day that I am alive and I thank God for her faith. Mom, I love you and am honored to pass this cross on to you.