Cross # 15.4845

Dade City, FL
We have all had pets that we loved dearly. Occasionally we are blessed with one that not only loves us but teaches us lessons about life along our journey with them. For me it was a beautiful Irish setter dog that we rescued as a puppy. We drove to Pennsylvania to get her and driving home we went through the Shenandoah Valley. We decide to name her Shannon after this beautiful place. This dog, from the time she was a puppy always seemed so wise, an old soul, I used to call her.  At the age of one year she was diagnosed with a rare cancer and had to undergo two surgeries and then chemotherapy. Her love and faith in us never waivered, and because of the chemo she developed renal disease and slowly became more and more ill. To help keep her comfortable, I found an animal massage therapist named Margaret, from the very beginning Margaret and Shannon had a special connection. Shannon would melt into her bed as Margaret would massage her to gentle music playing softly. When the time came to let her go it was so very hard and painful. Everyday that passes, a void in our home is still felt. Very shortly after her passing, Margaret was at craft show sponsored by her church. She saw the cross and instantly thought of Shannon. The day I received it in the mail was a particularly difficult day for me. That morning I took a walk where I always walked with Shannon. I sat on a bench where I would sit often with Shannon at my feet and I prayed to God and asked Him to give me a sign to know that Shannon was OK and safe with. Jesus. I cried and walked home and went on to work. That night when I came home, a box was in the mail. I opened it, saw the cross and read the note from Margaret and began to cry tears of joy. I knew that God had used Margaret to deliver His message that Shannon was fine. Thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer.