Cross #15.4935

Brandon, FL

My sister-in-law volunteers for many charitable events. There is a Catholic Radio Station located in St. Petersburg, Florida that was hosting a Ladies Conference – which she volunteered at. She invited several people to attend, including my sister, mother and me. . We sat at a table located on the opposite side of the room from where we entered the banquet hall. As we made our way to our table, I noticed that each table had a cross or a heart lying on it – they were incorporated into the center pieces of each table. They caught my eye, as each one was quite unique. As the conference progressed, we were told the story of the crosses & hearts and advised that they would be given away to someone at each table. There was a special sticker located in our booklet if we were the winner….. I was the lucky recipient.

Throughout the day, I often had my thoughts on a dear friend of mine that has overcome far more challenges, that life has thrown her way, than I could ever imagine enduring. I know that it is through her faith in our Heavenly Father that she draws her strength. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life. Just as I draw strength from our Lord, She is my earthly angel that given me the strength and fortitude to look to our Amazing Creator for ALL things! By her walk with the Lord, I am constantly reminded of the Beauty in ALL Things and the knowledge that He will take care and never forsake me. Forever Grateful to our Lord for blessing me with her friendship….xoxo