Cross # 15.5984

Marietta, GA
When I entered into middle school, I had never experienced anything life changing or heart breaking. I had always been raised Catholic, but being young and not very much exposed to the religion, I didn’t have a faith life. Middle school hit and whatever faith I had diminished. My grandma suddenly passed away, my mother got sick, my other grandma passed away, my dad lost his job, and I hit a really rough patch with myself which consisted of self harming and a long recovery time. A few months pass and it’s the summer going into freshman year. I attended this church class that was required for confirmation. I entered into silent adoration for the first time in my whole life, and I felt God’s presence as I prayed and He showed me that I could make a better life for myself. I decided with the help of Christ that it was time for a positive change. I donated 8 inches of my hair to locks of love the next day, and I continued to pray and then attended a mission trip in which I strengthened my relationship with God more than I ever had before. After that amazing summer, I continued to become more and more involved in lifeteen. Now, as a sophomore, I find myself loving God each and every day. Although I’ve hit rough patches since middle school, they’ve been easier and not as detrimental due to my incredible support system of my brothers and sisters in Christ, the help of prayer and worship, and a church and organization to call home.