Cross #15.6116

Colbert, GA
I received this cross from my very best friend of 25 years, June . We raised our children together, being soccer moms to best!  Last year I went into liver failure after years of poor choices. I am currently on the the Georgia Transplant List … fundraising like crazy. Being SAVED and welcomed into a beautiful small town church I was baptized 3 weeks ago. I can’t even explain the feeling I am filled with.

I’ve been struggling with the death of my parents over the past years and the abandonedment of my son. I am sure  you can figure out my addiction caused the liver failure.

I know my son, Christopher, is in a very dark place and I pray he finds his peace, with or without me.

I married a wonderful Christian man and built our relationship on God. Struggling, God had put us together and opened all there’s to have in Colbert.

This cross idea, I would love to do in vacation bible school in June. I am sure each child will give to their parent and then throughout our community. Thank you for this opportunity to share the faith and love you have started. I would love to keep it it going with our Georgia clay! God Bless.