Cross # 15.6399

Sherman Oaks, CA
I met Elizabeth during a Theta Healing class in Los Angeles last month and she brought some crosses that she wanted to share with us her classmates. I picked one that said HOPE and then I saw this one that said FAITH. Elizabeth kindly let me take this one home too. I am in transition in my life, having filed for divorce from my alcoholic husband and I am uncertain of a lot of things in my future, especially how I am going to support myself and my son. This cross to me is a daily reminder to have faith and trust in God and that there’s a solution to my worries. It will reveal itself in God’s time, not necessarily in the time that I want. It is a reminder to me to surrender to God and that I’m loved and protected. Elizabeth, thank you so much for letting me have this cross too. I am grateful that our paths crossed.