Cross # 15.6939

Tampa, FL
On April 3, 2015, only 7 weeks after adopting a tiny, stray shih tzu named Mia, she was attacked and almost killed by our neighbors dog. All dogs were walking together and on harnesses, but the owner of the larger dog could not control her dog as she grabbed little Mia by then neck and began violently shaking her. Mia had suffered a sever spinal cord injury. The first several days were touch and go and the Dr’s weren’t even sure she would survive, let alone ever walk again. But Little Miss Mia had other ideas of her own. Every obstacle she faced, she overcame. First her body temp was too low and her brain was swelling, then her breathing was shallow……it went on and on for that first week. At the end of that week in ICU her neurologist determined that she had suffered an insult to her C1 vertebrate and the base of her neck and no one knew what this meant long term. At the moment Mia could not even lift her own head. But during all this time her eyes were bright, she wagged her tail and she was eating and drinking. We were told to give it at least 4 months to see how much progression she made and to see if she would have a good quality of life whether she could walk or not.

This is where the hard work began. Mia’s determination and the love and care of all of her Dr’s and therapists allowed her to slowly gain strength and mobility. First we did range of motion exercises that kept her moving when she couldn’t on her own, then we added floating, kicking in the spa, to give her the confidence that she was light and could move, then we started getting some voluntary movement by Mia herself. She began to lift her head, try to lift, kick in the spa, etc…….we got her a 4 wheel cart and she started to take off. She could do anything she wanted in the cart and eventually, over time, with lots of Massage therapy, physical therapy, water therapy, acupuncture, e stimulation and cold laser therapy, Mia is walking on her own without her cart. She continues to get therapy to build more strength and to allow her to work toward being able to stand and sit for unlimited periods of time but she can go anywhere she wants.

A lot of people helped Mia during this time and the power of prayer was most certain the reason for her recovery. We all WILLED her to recover and with her determination, good people and God on her side, she made it!