Cross # 15.7063

Tampa, FL
It’s been both a turbulent and wonderful year. My husband and I have miraculously reunited with old friends through our animal rescue and advocacy work, and have also been dealt bad medical news. Upon receiving a phone call on Thanksgiving Eve that my husband’s skin cancer has returned, our love for the holidays froze and my faith wavered for a tiny moment. One of my favorite things about Christmas has always been to receive Christmas cards. I think there is a lost art to writing and I miss the old days where people sent cards with warm messages. Many people have quit sending cards in this day and age, and others simply send postcards with photos of their children or family and no personal message. I kept thinking how it would be nice to receive some warm messages right now to remind us that we have friends to support us and people that care. But I had no hopes of this. The next day I received a small package in the mail. And to my surprise it not only contained a Christmas card, but rather, a Christmas card from our friends we recently reunited with after nearly 15 years apart, and even better — it contained the flawed cross from the Answered Prayers Project. “We are the Clay, You are the Potter. We are all the work of Your Hands.” — Isaiah 64:8. Yes! Yes! That’s it. A gift that’s too good for words to remind us what Christmas is really about, to remind us God is still and has always been in charge, to remind us true friends never really separate, to remind us some people know the path to healing and it’s sharing the love of Jesus Christ. If you have that, you have everything and there is no need to worry. This burden has been handled.