Cross #15.7175

Seminole, FL
Last month I went to Michaels which is a craft store. I met Margaret, a beader like myself. She was so willing to learn I was making bead embroidery.  I told her to get in touch with me as I was willing to give her free classes on learning how to do this. Before I met Margaret I was in a deep depression over losing my dad five years ago today April 12, 2016. Until I met Margaret I guess the Lord was working through her kindness, loving feeling of a new friend, and her smile made me feel so welcoming. She met me along with another friend at Panera Bread in St. Pete to show her how to do bead embroidery. I gave her what I call a Care Package of beads I share with those who want to learn and make something with. When we got to meet again this week she told me about these crosses. I said what are they? She said a woman makes them for Jesus.  Just like you make your jewelry for Jesus too. She gave me two of the crosses… and I just love them. I want to help her with her life’s journey as well as mine, but I loved them. When she comes back to this area I want to make some crosses and give them away to those who I care about. I have several friends in mind and one I would love to keep for myself. I love the way that now my depression is at bay and I want to thank Margaret and the woman who made my life today a big impact on me. I am thankful and blessed to have found such caring women in my life today and forever. I have now a forever friend in Margaret A.  Love you Girl.