Cross #15.7593

Spokane, WA
It was given to me by a young woman who had come to our church with her husband. She said they had attended a church in the area for 2 years and every week they continued to treat them like they were new. She said they wanted to get involved in church activities so we got them involved first in our street mission. While I was working with her I suggested that she might enjoy working in our Thrift Store. She showed up and began coming as a regular volunteer. She wanted to get more involved in things and she began working toward being a lay person. At this time I was getting ready to leave the area and move closer to my daughter in Washington. She gave me the cross and prayed that I would be safe on this new journey of life. After I left Florida where this happened she began studying to become a minister and I know that this week she is on a mission trip to Haiti where she will work with children and putting a new roof on the orphanage. I am now living in Spokane and have begun going to a church here. There is a couple in this church who are soon leaving on a mission trip to Thailand so I plan to pass the cross on to them as they begin their journey.