Cross # 15.8036

Largo, FL
My cousin Shannon gave me this cross when i told her my story. I have struggled with addiction of drugs and alcohol for a long time . When i lost my job and my place to live i hit my bottom and i was homeless. I had no purse and i had also lost my phone. I was downtown st pete and i walked with my head down. I did not know what time it was but i walked into an ananymous meeting and i finally was desperate enough to tell one person the truth that i needed help. After the meeting she gave me $10 to get something to eat she let me borrow her book and she gave me a prayer. I went back to a person who let me keep my stuff at his house and he told me that i had to get me and my stuff out because his house wasnt a place for refuge. It was 12:30 am. I put my stuff on the side of the house and i grabbed my down feather comforter and i walked down to the water. I got down on my knees and i surrendered. I told God that i could not do this on my own. I cant hold my life together. I prayed for God to take away my will so i could do His will. I went to detox then at a shelter i began getting into recovery and got back on my medications for bipolar disorder. I went to a christian church and i felt like jesus was speaking right to me. When a song was played about ashes being turned into beauty i began to sob it was like jesus reached into my heart and was healing the shame and guilt that i had carried with me so long. He loved me and forgave me. I was reborn. I love the cross that Shannon gave me because it says joy. Jesus has given me joy and peace. I am living clean now and my relationship with God is so precious.