Cross #16.1058

Cape Coral, FL

I chose my cross at a monthly potluck or it chose me.
I saw a touching post about a registered cross and researched and found out that APP was in St. Pete. I started following them on FB and the stories were so dear. I decided that I had to go see for myself and I live 2 hours away! I invited my mom and sister and we were all looking forward to it – an outing for just us. My sister has had drug challenges for years and I truly miss her and our time together. The day I arrived to pick them up she was not where she said she would be and so the typical drama started. Even though we would be late and traffic was horrible I did not give up. I knew, or God knew, that we needed to be there! From the moment we walked in there was love, peace and acceptance. I felt my hurts and aggravation melt away – my heart and hands open to God’s plan. I noticed the cross that said “act or accept” quickly and those words stuck with me through the evening so when it was still there I knew it was meant for me. Elizabeth, her staff and volunteers are instantly like dear friends.
Mom and I went back the next day to paint.
I am hosting a cross making event in Ft Myers in June. All are welcome! I cannot wait to connect ladies and crosses and the great work APP does in the community.
Act or Accept it’s up to me!