Cross #16.1163

Huntertown, IN
I received my cross in the mail from a friend I’ve never met in person but I hope to someday. She and I are somewhat like soul sisters and have gone through many of the same things in our life. Even though we’re a little over 10 years apart, been married, have kids and she has gone through a divorce, while I am currently going through one we both have the love of Jesus in our hearts. This has brought us very close even across the miles. As I sit and look at my beautiful cross I am reminded that God put in in Sue’s heart, mind and soul to have it sent to me. To let me know it’s going to be OK. That I’m going to be OK. That I’m going to make it through my divorce as she did and that God says it’s going to be OK.  I hold my cross, which fits with my hand held tightly around it, perfectly. God Bless the Answered Prayers Project for blessing my friend Sue Rekart. She has blessed me ~ indeed!!