Cross #16.1657


I was driving from my home outside Memphis to a gathering of Catholic Christians in Michigan. I knew only one person,but I was convinced that God had a reason for me to go . As I drove on Thursday night I prayed that God would put me exactly where He wanted me to be at exactly the time that he wanted me to be there. I ended up stopping to rest in a town called Elizabethtown KY.
The next morning I went and ate breakfast and had to decide what gas station I would go to to fill up. I made a decision and as I filled up my tank a van pulled up next to me. It said Answered Prayers Project on the side. We had a little prayer meeting there in the gas station. I knew that I was where He wanted me to be. The meeting, and the cross were a confirmation of His guidence. That is important when you are learning how to hear His voice.