Cross #16.2170

Hopkins, MI

I received this cross from my wife the morning after she attended this event with my mother in law and 2 sister in laws. She only told me she had something for me and that she would tell me in due time. When I got to work this morning I found that she had somehow gotten it into my computer bag amongst everything else that she does every morning. (Kids lunches, breakfasts, my coffee :) …etc.)
This means so much in so many different ways to me.

This year is our 20th wedding anniversary and we are still very in love with each other. We have our times like most other married people but it’s always short lived and always comes back to we love each other.

The fact that she immediately thought of me out of all the crosses to pick from when she saw this one.

Together we are looking into a business opportunity that all kidding aside could be a financial struggle but in the end it will benefit all of us. I have her support and we have each other’s LOVE to help get us through. I look at this cross as proof of that, as it answered prayers that I have asked God about many times.

More than anything the words “you and (+) me” are inside a cross with the word love also included. Tells me and reminds me that everyday no matter what we are encompassed by Jesus’ love and that we are forgiven by him through the cross.

I have it hanging in my office on the wall right next to my family picture. I am proud to talk about it with anyone that asks.

Thank You for this wonderful ministry!