Cross #16.2781

Dunedin, FL
I was married at 20 yrs. of age in 1958. By 1962 my husband’s family all had a nervous breakdown, his mother, his sister and his father. My husband and I did not know what to do. We found a counselor and all three went into the hospital for pills and electro shock treatments. Eventually I found out about manic depression (my mother in law) and then through the years, my husband started with depression and then very high moods. I still did not realize, and he did not admit, he was bi-polar. Until he lost his position as a mechanical design engineer he did not admit to his illness. Then I spotted how through the years he had lapsed into bi-polar. We continued our marriage for many years and he went to a junior college and received a degree in HVAC. I think for the first time he realized what a fine worker he was as he started his own business and built it up to a large clientele list. I think this was his happiest time. Before that he took care of his mother and father, his sister had passed away, we had three children, he wanted two, etc. However, as he aged, he began to be short tempered again and wanted to retire. We retired in Florida but he was miserable. Although staying on his bi-polar meds, he became very mean and incoherent on what he wanted out of life. We are divorced now as we did not like each other anymore. The divorce was in 2010 and he finally moved out completely in 2014. I do not regret the divorce and am evolving into a self sufficient and joyful woman.