Cross # 16.282

Lake Alfred, FL
I got fired from my job 3 days ago and was headed to Orlando going East on I-4 when I spotted the cutest little black van I’ve ever seen (Gracie I think she’s called :-). Was actually contemplating whether I should pick up my final pay check today or tomorrow. God led me to put on my clothes and leave the house despite the rain. I Googled the name I saw on the van, as I was very curious as to what they did. I visited the website while stuck in traffic and decided to call the number. The lady that picked up the phone had the happiest laugh and voice I had ever heard. After telling me what they were all about, I shared my story. She said ” why don’t we pull over on an exit and meet). Needless to say, I have never done anything like this before. We met, she pulled out a ton of crosses and after picking out 3 crosses, all 4 of us held hands and prayed. You ladies were the highlight of my day!!!! God is still alive and he is alive in Elizabeth and he is certainly alive in me.