Cross #16.3304

London, UK
It was one day of WYD in Cracow 2016. In the International Centre of Evangelization when I participated in Worship Team there was a night meeting of Credo – people from many countries were sharing their faith. I was going to get something from the hall where we kept our luggage. On my way I met David. He said he was giving me a cross and my task was to register my cross. What? I did not understand the idea. But the whole time of WYD was full of Holy Spirit so many times that I did not get the meaning of some meetings, events – I only felt they are important. So was this meeting. On that day I rang my Mum to wish her all the best as it was her name’s day. She told me that my grandfather had a stroke, he is paralyzed and unfortunately these are the last days of his life. An hour later I spoke to one of evangelizers whilst having supper. He asked what I pray for. I said I want to get married. He continued, “When?”, “I don’t know…didn’t think about it”. “Well, you may need to do it as God wants to listen to you”. Then we prayed together for a moment. When we finished he said “He got him for you and He sent me from the US to tell you that”. After this I received my cross from David. And just an hour later I got a message from the man I met in ICE and who seemed to be someone special but I didn’t understand what type of uniqueness it is. We spent this evening together and decided to go on Holy Mass next morning. Was it kind of a date? Well, it maybe God’s sense of humor. That night I had a strong belief that he could be that man who I was praying for. In the middle of the night I went back to the tent where Holy Sacrament was exposed. I couldn’t say one proper prayer, I couldn’t understand all of the messages of that day. My grandfather gets better and he will be back from hospital soon. Although we know his time to go to God is coming I am so happy we managed to meet in the hospital. What a surprise, it was an hour of Divine Mercy. I told him that I love him. He got my hand and kissed it. My cross is love. I am on the way how to learn love and be loved. The great Teacher has knocked to my heart for all of these years and I kept Him away. Now I allowed myself to fall in love what used to be my fear. God gave me the man I didn’t even dream about. It seems difficult as we live on opposite shores of the ocean. This is my cross, to love above the ocean. Ocean of my fear. At the same time I know that Jesus was an expert in terms of deep water so walking with him through the ocean is my way. Amen, Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.