Cross #16.3379

Seminole, FL
I was going for my usual walk around my neighborhood; I go around the loop twice. As I was going around the first time I noticed a van with the logo Answered Prayers on it. I thought to myself Oh Father here is one of your disciples shining your light. I wondered what it was about. As always GOD has wonderful and perfect timing. Elizabeth, the owner of the van, just happened to be right there. (I told you GOD has beautiful timing.) Needless to say I complimented her on her shining GOD’s light and asked her what it was about. Not only did she tell me what your mission is, she said I must choose one for myself. I chose the heart that says “Let your Light shine”. That is what our loving FATHER wants us to do and that is what our SAVIOR JESUS did. Not with arrogance, or we are better than others but in loving and caring ways. God is the potter and we are the clay just as your card reads. Our Father wants to mold us into his son JESUS so we can perform miracles, save the lost and shine his light. Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the LORD are everywhere , keeping watch on the wicked and the good .God knows when I sit and when I rise (meaning he is capable of watching each person every second of his day). How he can is not our concern, we are only to have faith and believe that he is the great I AM and creator of all. When you understand this then you will understand he can. The more we seek him the more we know him; the more we know him the deeper our relationship will be.