Cross #16.346

Clearwater, FL
My job celebrated their 9 year anniversary today and we were blessed enough to have Elizabeth come and share her moving story and purpose behind the crosses and hearts. With that being said I would like to share my story. I recently graduated from school receiving my Associates Degree in Medical Assisting but upon graduating I spent 3 months searching for a job with no luck, my husband was the only source of income. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment at the time and he maintained all the bills and managed to keep food in the house even though things were tight. My aunt and cousin were sleeping out of their car so I invited them to stay with my husband and I because I felt bad for them being that she had two little girls. Things started to go badly when my family moved in and took advantage of me and they were very nasty and disrespectful. Me and my husband got married 10/06/2015 and we had already planned our honeymoon to Florida being that we had never been there and it was all we could afford. While out of town I got a phone call from my landlord telling me we had to be out by the 25th as my cousin had gotten into a fight with some of my neighbors and they weren’t really supposed to be there in the first place. I was completely lost at this moment because this was one of the first times I felt completely helpless.  I didn’t know what to do and being an adult and married I couldn’t just run home to my parents. I went to church on the following Sunday and prior to going I prayed to God to take over this situation because there was physically nothing I could do. I gave it all to God and I trusted and believed that he would make the situation work out. In church that Sunday the pastor told me and my husband that God told him that we were debating on moving or staying (which we were, we hadn’t decided whether we wanted to stay in Florida with my husband’s family or move back to Savannah with mine) and the pastor told us that we were supposed to stay in Florida and God was going to open 3 doors for us by the end of the week. God blessed me and my husband both with great paying jobs, a car and a place to stay rent free. It truly amazed me because it had been the first time I literally “let go and let God” and everything worked out in our favor. God is truly amazing, it doesn’t matter what the situation is if you trust in God and have faith he will make miracles happen….I know this story might not be a huge breakthrough for some people but it changed my life and my relationship with God. My life has never been better and it gets better everyday!