Cross #16.3564

Rockville Centre, NY

I participated in this project for the first time in 2015 at Faces of Courage in Brandon, Florida.  At that time I inquired how I would know which piece to choose.  I was told “don’t worry, you will just know.”  I did just know.  Among all of the pieces, I chose a cross with the words “trust” inscribed on it.  I kept it as a reminder that I had to constantly remind myself to trust in the Lord and that His will is my way.  When I felt peace in my trust with the Lord, I passed the cross on to a woman in my bible study and it continues to hang in her kitchen window. This past weekend I attended the retreat again.  I chose a cross with a piece broken at the base and the word “love” inscribed on it.  I have come to understand that love is all that matters and is the greatest commandment of all.  The broken part of the cross reflects our broken world.  But love, in God’s eyes, is the answer to everything.